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DB Productions has been providing educational conferences that offer a variety of conference and planning services –from gathering the needs assessment data, determination of relevant topics focusing on evidence-based practice, selection of outstanding national recognized content experts/speakers, development of objectives and detailed content outline, facilitation of the actual event, and feedback as a continuous process for improvement.

The faculty who attended your presentations are still talking about what they learned and how creative you are! I have attached copies of evaluations of your activities. Thanks again for everything you did. We really appreciate your sharing of ideas! I used the concept map idea this week in clinical, had the students develop one together in post conference and they could not believe how easy it was! The light bulb went off! Yea! finally! Jill L., MSN, RN, Delgado Community College – Charity School of Nursing

I wanted to tell you though, that after the Boot Camp, I taught concept mapping (fueled by your presentation) and my students LOVED it.  (I wrote case studies and had them work in groups to develop their maps.)  This year I will be teaching concept maps from the beginning of the semester; many student said they wish I had introduced it earlier!  My director has given me the go-ahead based on student feedback, even though the other instructors are not fans!  Thanks for a great presentation and confirmation of the value of concept mapping not only to students, but to seasoned professionals as well!
Nancy Witt

Before your learning session, I could really see the value in concept maps, but being more of a “linear thinker”, I’ve always struggled with the ability to both use and teach CMs. As an educator, I need any tools I can get to help my students accomplish skills that not only do I have, but those I wish I had. So I was very interested in seeing how to do this and share it with my students. After your learning session, I can honestly say that I feel a great deal more comfortable in attempting to not only use CMs but also in enabling my students to learn from this process. Thanks Deanne!
Vonny Thornton, Kitty DeGree School of Nursing

GREAT JOB on your School Nurse Conference!! You deserve 1,000 kudos for an outstanding job. You are an incredible meeting planner in every sense of the phrase. I’m very proud to be affiliated with DB Productions.

Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP

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