Conferences Planning

Don’t have time to organize all the details of your conference?  We support conference planning.

Deanne has organized a variety of conferences in the last 15 years, many at the national level with annual attendance of 500 educators and students from 30+ states and Canada.

Deanne’s background in critical care, wound care, nursing education, and NCLEX® Reviews provides a conference planning foundation to assist the client with a variety of topics to meet the customer’s needs in and around conference planning.

Deanne’s focus on detail, excellent speakers, evidence-based practice, and customer focus provides the underpinnings of her successful conferences. Networking opportunities are provided for attendees to share their experiences with others and gain new ideas from other programs.

Deanne is professional, personable, and a thorough conference planner. She is well attuned to faculty interests and topics that are timely. She establishes a welcoming atmosphere for all participants and ensures that there is the right balance of topics to meet a variety of needs. Mary Lynn Engelmann, Conference Speaker

Most all of Deanne’s conferences have breakfast and lunch provided….which you don’t find very often at other conferences.

Your conference experience is all about learning and enjoying your environment and Deanne is committed that you will have a positive experience.

• Need ideas on what topics are important to your audience?
• Need great speakers for your conference?
• Need a catchy title?
• Need continuing education credits?
• Need a professional brochure?
• Need vendor information?
• Need help negotiating the location, prices, and rates?
• Need assistance determining how many rooms to book at the hotel?
• Need help with the registration process?
• Need access to a mailing list of over 23,000 nurses and institutions?
• Want someone to do the mail out?
• Want help in selecting food and beverages within your budget?
• Are the audiovisual charges astronomical?
• Want to use e-mail as a way to advertise your conference?
• Want your conference advertised on a web page?

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