Deanne loves to present to students and faculty on a variety of topics including Concept Mapping, Test-Taking Strategies for Students’ NCLEX® Success; Faculty updates on NCLEX® Test Plans, Test Item Writing, Emotional IQ, Saving the Life of the Cardiac Patient, and a variety of general medical-nursing topics for faculty and students.

Deanne speaks for a variety of nursing student organizations and has been a speaker for the NCLEX® Mini Review at the National Student Nursing Association. Deanne is available for faculty presentations on “NCLEX Update” and provides “Testing Strategies” for nursing students. Active learning strategies and engaging the audience are goals of Deanne’s presentations.

A student who participated in one of Deanne’s NCLEX® Review courses wrote,

… I’m just letting you know that your tips and advice really helped me through the test. I passed it. The atmosphere in the testing center is very calm and very quiet. They are very tough on security and about what you can have on you while testing. Basically you can’t have anything in your pockets or even have a watch on. The questions were very hard and completely different from how I’m use to being tested in school, but your technique of breaking the questions down helped a lot. Thank you. I’m a working RN now!”

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