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Deanne is known for providing a top notch program. If you’ve been to one of her conferences, you’ll know that the details are taken care of. If you are a speaker, you need not worry the when and where’s … Deanne’s got it covered.

Attendees return to Deanne’s conferences and come away with new ideas, new strategies, and new friendships. It’s all about meeting the needs of our customers!

Some testimonials of attendees and speakers who have worked with Deanne include:

Thank you for accommodating us! This was by far the best conference I have attended all year! Barb is such a dynamic speaker. And even though GI is our specialty, we learned so much. Please be sure to keep us updated on future conferences. You put on a class act.

Thanks again!
Ann K.
Hawaii Nursing Conference

The lecture was great because Barbara made a big difference. We are looking forward for you guys to come back soon.

Maryline D.

WOW, anyone looking for a great, inspiring Instructor should use Deanne Blach, MSN, RN. Our organization has used her services for Nurse Review for the last 3 years and have been more than satisfied. Evaluations from her class show she continuously receives an OUTSTANDING rating with comments such as she is AWESOME, INTERESTING and UPBEAT making her Teaching methods extremely EFFECTIVE. As a Facilitator for many Leadership and Educational programs for my organization it only verifies my decision to use Deanne is the right one.

Patricia Atkins Cline, Education Program Specialist – Trinity Mother Frances Hospital and Clinics, Tyler, Texas

Thank you so much! I love everything you all do and enjoy every session and every speaker. I really learn and in my opinion, no one can hold a candle to your conferences.
Thanks Again,

Barbara McKinney
Conference Participate

I have worked with Deanne for over 8 years on numerous educational seminars presented to health professionals throughout the United States. She is, without a doubt, the most efficient, organized, professional and innovative meeting planner that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is instrumental in all phases of the process, from the planning to the execution and the most critical, but least exciting period–the follow-up. Deanne has a terrific personality that gels with hotel staff, conference participants, and all of us “pesky” presenters. She’s one in a million.

Barb Bancroft, MSN, RN, PNP
Executive Director, CPP Associates
Chicago, IL

Deanne Blach is an extremely competent conference planner. Her conferences are organized and very customer friendly. Attendees feel welcomed and realize their needs are the priority. I would recommend Ms. Blach to anyone who needs the services she has to offer.

Linda Caputi, MSN, EdD, RN
Professor of Nursing
College of DuPage
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Deanne is always looking for innovative and “sound” methods to teach and motivate the learners. She knows not only how to think outside the box, but make things happen and she creates outside the box! I can always depend on her skills and insights to master successful programs.

Music & Motion
Susan Bednar-Haynes MA, MT-BC
Master of Arts, Music Therapist-Board Certified

Deanne Blach is an outstanding conference planner. She pays attention to the smallest details, goes out of her way to make the learning experience a memorable one for both participants and speakers and provides creative touches to personalize the event. She has a wide range of contacts and can provide an in-depth workshop for a variety of nurses, whether in the education, practice, or administrative role. I highly commend her skills in organization, planning, and forethought. I have attended dozens of national and international conferences as both a presenter and a participant, and can truly say that Deanne’s conferences are among the best I have ever attended!

Gail K. Baumlein, PhD, RN, CNS
Professor of Nursing
Mount Carmel College of Nursing
Columbus, Ohio

Deanne goes the extra mile….always there when you need her, creative and committed to handling ALL the many details that need to be managed for any program. It is a RELIEF to know she is in charge.

Rosalinda Alfaro-LeFevre
Teaching Smart / Learning Easy
Stuart, FL

I have spoken for Deanne at several conferences which she has spearheaded, and have always known her to be competent, perceptive, tactful, and supportive in her role as conference planner. She is gracious in her interpersonal interactions, and works well with a variety of personalities. Deanne is open to new ideas, and solicits input. Her warm and caring persona invites and encourages both faculty who attend, and faculty who present. She is a pleasure to work with, in all aspects, and her conferences are quite successful.

Lynn Engelmann, RN, MSN, EdD
Professor of Nursing
College of DuPage

It was a joy and a pleasure working with Deanne. All the preparation was excellent, the facility was spacious with numerous vendors, and the group assembled was energetic and receptive to new ideas. I only hope to have the pleasure of returning to present for Deanne again. She made my job easy, which is the mark of a wonderful conference planner.

Michele Deck
Tool Thyme Trainers
Metairie, LA

Deanne Blach organizes a top notch conference. She blends talented speakers, interesting topics, excellent location and smooth logistics. If you attend a conference organized by Deanne, expect to sit back, relax and learn from the best.

Patty Wooten RN BSN — Nurse Humorist
Jest for the Health of It
Santa Cruz, CA

The faculty who attended your presentations are still talking about what they learned and how creative you are! I have attached copies of evaluations of your activities. Thanks again for everything you did. We really appreciate your sharing of ideas! I used the concept map idea this week in clinical, had the students develop one together in post conference and they could not believe how easy it was! The light bulb went off! Yea! finally!

Jill L., MSN, RN
Delgado Community College – Charity School of Nursing

I wanted to tell you though, that after the Boot Camp, I taught concept mapping (fueled by your presentation) and my students LOVED it.  (I wrote case studies and had them work in groups to develop their maps.)  This year I will be teaching concept maps from the beginning of the semester; many student said they wish I had introduced it earlier!  My director has given me the go-ahead based on student feedback, even though the other instructors are not fans!  Thanks for a great presentation and confirmation of the value of concept mapping not only to students, but to seasoned professionals as well!

Nancy Witt

Before your learning session, I could really see the value in concept maps, but being more of a “linear thinker”, I’ve always struggled with the ability to both use and teach CMs. As an educator, I need any tools I can get to help my students accomplish skills that not only do I have, but those I wish I had. So I was very interested in seeing how to do this and share it with my students. After your learning session, I can honestly say that I feel a great deal more comfortable in attempting to not only use CMs but also in enabling my students to learn from this process. Thanks Deanne!

Vonny Thornton
Kitty DeGree School of Nursing


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