Message From Deanne

I am very passionate about providing continuing education for health care professionals and strive to have the very best conference an attendee would experience anywhere. I am attentive to details, customer service, great presentations, and making it a great day for anyone who comes to my conferences. I am all about providing evidence-based education for nurse educators and other health care professionals.

I have been using concept maps in nursing education for over 15 years and find it very valuable to help students critically think. They have to apply new information to their existing knowledge base and put it together in a way that makes sense to them. It’s exciting to see those light bulbs turning on! I love teaching others about this important concept.

I also have a special love for young students and organize a variety of summer science camps for students age 9-16. Health and Science camp is offered in my local community and I would love to help you put a summer camp together in your community too.

One exciting adventure is taking a group of 7-8-9th graders to the Sea Lab at Dauphin Island off the coast of Mobile, AL.

I would love to hear from you; whether you are in need of putting together a conference or simply want some consultation – please contact me.


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