Nurse Educator

Deanne has taught NCLEX® Review courses in the United States and Europe for the last 15 years. Deanne is a content contributor and instructor for Nursing Education Consultants teaching RN and PN NCLEX® Review courses around the United States.

National Student Nurses' AssociationAs a nurse educator – Deanne has been teaching the mini-NCLEX reviews for the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) midyear and annual conventions and taught audiences of over 1000 nursing students. Deanne teaches year round review courses for colleges and universities. She also presents at state nursing student organization conventions and state nursing organization conventions.

As a nursing student in Deanne’s clinical rotation, I found that researching disease processes and physically creating concept maps allowed me to easily learn pathways of progression, signs and symptoms, and nursing interventions related to any illness.  Karen Crawford, RN

Concept mapping is an area of expertise for Deanne, as she has taught both students and faculty principles behind using concept mapping to foster critical thinking in the classroom and clinical setting. She shares many examples of concept maps and helps attendees develop their own concept maps.

Deanne breaks the process down of making a concept map into 6 simple steps and guides attendees in each step of making a unique concept map.

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