Pediatric Potpourri: Advancing Evidence-Based Guidelines for School & Pediatric Nurses

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Nurses, school counselors, school-based health alliance teams, and other health care professionals caring for the physical and psycho-social needs of the pediatric patient in all settings: schools, clinics, acute care, emergency departments, air and ground transport, pediatric-focused hospitals, outpatient, post-anesthesia recovery, surgery, developmental centers, home care and public health. Nursing students are always welcome!

When / Where:

July 29-30, 2014
Preconference Sessions – July 28, 2014
Chateau on the Lake Resort & Spa
415 North State Hwy. 265
Branson, MO

Conference Learning Outcomes

  • Manage the care of a pediatric client with accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment, provide ongoing training for others assigned to care for the child, and be an advocate for all children and their families.
  • Provide evidence-based care for the diverse and complex chronic and life-threatening emergency health issues of children and teens in the community.
  • Recognize the challenges that exist in the school setting and use best practices when caring for children with physical or mental health needs.
  • Provide new and improved education to parents to protect the child/teen from current and future communicable diseases.
  • Identify various dermatological issues in youth from rashes to self-induced traumas.
  • Summarize pharmacology controversies with vaccines, pain relievers, antibiotics, and etc. used for prevention and treatment with childhood illnesses.
  • Review the trends and challenges with adolescents’ sexual health for education about risky behaviors and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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